Design Finds In The Wild

Design Finds In The Wild This Week

Furniture and decor that weren’t a perfect fit for my design client’s home, but might just be a perfect fit for yours. This week’s finds are…

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Custom Room Designs

Transitional Style Loft Playroom Design Idea

I just wrapped up a custom mood board for a Loft Playroom design! It came together so well and Samantha is graciously letting me share it with you here! Get all the design details and links.

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Design Tips, Ideas, & Resources

Colorful Rug Options For Our Home

I’ve been stuck on choosing the right rug for our living room, and finally figured out why! Once it clicked for me, I found 47 options I loved and would totally work. Here’s what helped…

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Leaning Foundation Repair | Part 2

Updates on our unexpected foundation repair. Who’s really liable? What kind of company can fix this? What type of repair do we need? How much does it cost? Get all the details!

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DIY Projects

$250 DIY Backyard Fire Pit

An afternoon well spent. Building a DIY backyard fire pit! We followed these steps, and saved $$ by repurposing materials we already had

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Roll Call

Target Fall Decor Roll Call 2023

If you’re looking for budget-friendly Target Fall decor that you probably don’t need, but definitely want, look no further. These are *sneak into your cart while you return those school supplies* good! Happy Fall!

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