Must Have Tools Every DIY Beginner Needs

You’ve got the courage to start that DIY home project, but how do you know what tools you actually need? There’s plenty of handy tools to choose from, but a few basic essentials will get you through years of DIY projects. If you’re new to DIY’s and need help building your tool kit, here is your list of must have tools to start with!

My parents have over 40+ years of DIY Home Renovation. Today my dad is sharing a list of must have tools every DIY Beginner needs to get started.

From the guy who has tested and tried all the different tool brands, who as gutted kitchens, built garages, built furniture, replaced flooring, added windows, moved exterior doors, and more. You know you’re getting the best of the best recommendations.

These are the must have tools you will find yourself reaching for time and time again as you continue your DIY journey in your home!

Tool Tip: Purchase tools per project

Only purchase the tools you need project-by-project. This is our personal tool-buying principle in the Hill home. It’s benefited us for 10+ years! No need to go spend tons of money on an instant tool collection. Over time, your tool collection will grow.

One of the best ways to grow your tool collection and workshop is to invest in ONLY whatever tools you need for your current project. Nothing more.

Odds are, you’ll need that power tool or gadget again down the road. If you purchase instead of borrow or rent, you’ll always have it. I’ve found this continually makes our projects go faster and makes them easier.

Some tools take practice, so using the same tools for your projects will grow your knowledge and understanding of how to use them.

Your skills will just keep getting better.

Some tools truly are essential, others just make life a little bit easier. But these are the essentials that we’d recommend having on hand, and use for our own DIY’s here and on Instagram.

Protective Gear

Safety first. Working with hand tools, power towels, and saws can be dangerous. Accidents happen. Always protect your eyes, ears, and hands! These are go-to protections for most DIY projects.

A basic ladder is a must as a homeowner too. Changing lightbulbs, dusting ceiling fans, and if you’re a parent, getting those sticky hand toys off the ceiling when your kid inevitably flings them into the sky.

Hand Tools

These are the most basic tools that you absolutely need. For basic projects, small repairs, and the unexpected quick fix. These must have tools are good to have on hand as a homeowner or renter.

For projects like installing basic trim, assembling furniture, hanging gallery walls, and more advanced projects like installing shelves or wall treatments.

Measuring Tools

A magnetic tape measure is extra handy because it will stick to metal and act like a second hand to hold your tape measure when needed. You definitely don’t need that extra feature, but let me tell you, it’s handy when you have it.

We use a speed square for almost every project! It helps us mark a straight line before making any cuts. Super handy.

Tool Organization

Before you go buy a bunch of tools and toss them on a workbench or in a pile in your garage. Get a basic tool organizer! We have this small black toolbox and it’s perfect for all our hand tools. We use a tool bag to load up with the specific tools we need project-by-project and take that with us wherever we’re working.

Basic organization like this got us through projects like our green bathroom renovation, installing a shiplap ceiling, and our pink bathroom refresh.

All-Purpose Saws

The best all-purpose saw to start with is a table saw. This was the first saw that we purchased and we made any cut we needed with it. You can make long cuts down the length of a board or big sheets of plywood. You can made angled cuts for trim or corners too.

When we finally invested in a compound mitre saw, we found that we actually use this saw a lot more! It’s easier to use, and quicker for small cuts. It works better for cutting angles. However, you cannot make length-wise cuts with it.

Somehow we’ve made it this far into our DIY’s without ever owning a circular, but this is a great choice for a first saw too! It’s portable and can make most cuts you need. Especially with a rail guide to get your cuts straight.

Power Tools

Most power tool brands will have an interchangeable battery for their own power tools. Buying power tools in the same brand can save you money on batteries and accessories, so it may be wise to pick one brand to stick with. At least at first.

The Must Have Tools To Make Your DIY’s Look Good

Having the right tools on hand will make your DIY’s look good. I mean, gooooood! There are tools for almost any task – however complicated or strange – for all your DIY projects. These are the must have tools we use on a daily basis.

If you find yourself faced with a task in your home project that you’re not sure how to move forward on, don’t be afraid to ask. Google your project, watch experts on YouTube, ask a friend or their uncle who seems to know about renovations or home upkeep. Ask someone at Home Depot or your local hardware store.

This is part of the fun of DIY’s – learning new things.

Happy DIY’ing!

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