About Me

Hi, I’m Megan!

I’m a DIY home renovator with a love for interior design.

More importantly though, I’m a mom of two girls in Northern Colorado who likes to make life colorful and adventurous.

I come from a long line of home-project-do’ers.  I watched my parents and grandparents build garages, demo rooms, paint exteriors, make house additions, add windows, replace flooring, renovate kitchens and bathrooms, etc. All on their own. Most of the time I got put to work too.

I started HillHomeLove to share all of the projects I was already doing in my own home. To answer the question I was asked often, “What project are you working on now, Megan?!” 

Home has always been a place of refuge for me. Especially during tough seasons of health struggles and those early parenting days I didn’t think would ever end.  

From wall-to-wall 80’s paneled apartments, to rental homes, to our first builder basic home. And now our poorly flipped, slightly abandoned, former hoarder home in Northern Colorado.

You can make any house a home. In any season of life, and on any budget.

I love that you’re here, and hope you stick around. I share lots of DIY inspiration and interior design tips, ideas, and resources to help your DIY’s look damn good.

Follow me here on Instagram for daily shenanigans, weekly FB Marketplace weird finds, and DIY project updates. 

XO, Megan

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