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start to finish design help

Wish you could hand me the keys to your home and let me set it all up for you?

Whether you’re starting with an empty room or need to totally rethink your space, I’ll take the time to study your space, hear your needs, and create a design plan that actually works.

Before spending thousands of dollars on materials and labor cost, make sure you’re going to love the final look.

Hire me onto your project team to sort through all the design decisions for you! 

Book your Home Refresh E-Design Service and receive…

  • A 45 Minute Video Consultation
  • Initial Design Concepts For Your Revisions & Review
  • Detailed Suggestions for Layouts, Furnishings, Styling, and More
  • 2-6 Custom 2D Design Boards
  • Construction Recommendations, If Any
  • A Complete Design Within Your Budget
  • Up To 3 Rounds of Design Reviews for Approval/Changes
  • Full Shopping List & Links
  • Delivered as a PDF File
  • Ongoing Design Support During Installation

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How Does This Home Refresh E-Design Work?

This is a large project that takes 1-3 months from start to finish.

Estimated Timeline Example

Week 1 – Consultation

Needed From You: Measurement Documents, Project Briefs, Photos

Week 2 – Initial Design Concepts

Needed From You: Design Revisions

Week 3 – Final Designs Delivered

Week 4+ – Ongoing Design Support

Request a quote for your project below. If you decide to move forward, use the checkout link provided in the quote to book! 

After purchase, you’ll send me pictures and a video of the whole room.

You’ll receive a Project Brief and Measurement Guide to provide details about your budget, timeline, and your hopes for the space.

We’ll schedule a 45 Minute Design Consultation to walk through your space together and talk through initial design concepts.

Next, I’ll send you an Initial Design Concepts pack for your revisions and reviews to make sure we’re on the right track creating a room you love.

I’ll keep in touch with you during this design process to double check measurements, get more information as needed, and send you additional ideas as I come across them.

I’ll deliver your Final Design Pack as a PDF file via email. 

Get my ongoing support as you implement the design. I’ll help you troubleshoot any issues that arise and provide additional ideas as needed.

Designing requires lots of planning and little details. I’ll rely on you to provide information like room measurements, budget details, and feedback on the design as we go.

Hand this design to your contractor or implement it yourself at your own pace.

In full transparency, I am not a licensed interior designer. Please rely on a qualified professional to inform you about building codes, permit needs, and building standard practices. I cannot give you exact layout measurements since I am not visiting your home in person. But I’ll do my best to get as close as possible and troubleshoot as needed.

Pricing is based on the scope of the project. A general range is between $350-$2500. Request a quote below!

I’ll do my best to incorporate all your requests in the final design. If you don’t love it, I’ll work with you to make it better! 

Absolutely! Tell me in the form below which rooms you want help with. We’ll work through one room at a time.  

Not at this time. But if an in-person site visit would be helpful for you,  please let me know and we can chat about it! 

This service goes way beyond a quick, inspiring design idea! I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you from start to finish.

This is the right service for you if…

A general room design idea isn’t enough.

You have a tricky space and you want help picking out the exact right pieces. 

You are overwhelmed with the idea of furnishing and styling a room, but you’re ready to enjoy that part of your home. 

You have a budget in mind or are ready to make purchases. 

If you’re wishing you could hand me the keys and let me set up your space, this is the design service you need! 

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