Today I’m sharing about a rattan dresser that I brought home from a thrift store this week, thanks to a lucky friend who texted me about it. I can’t believe the price new compared to what I paid!

Yesterday my friend texted me a picture of this dresser she saw while at a thrift store.

When I tell you I ran as fast as I could to the store to snag it, I am not lying.

I talk often on my instagram about the power of buying items second hand like this.

Thrift stores, antique shops, and online stores like facebook marketplace or etsy are great places to collect furniture and decor for your home.

You can find unexpected, unique pieces that will give your home so much character. More than most new out-of-the-boxes pieces of furniture can.

The best part is that prices are usually so much lower too. You can furnish your home on a budget. And make it look beautiful at the same time.

This rattan dresser had that kind of potential.

We were expecting to replace our furniture and flooring right after moving in to the Peppermint House in summer 2023. But after getting bad news about our foundation and needing to make so many repairs around the house, we are choosing to live with what we have for now. Our living room furniture is a bit awkward, but it works.

We’d rather spend out money on projects like a new deck or a guest room in the basement that would have a bigger impact on being able to host people.

We’ll eventually get to our living room and dining room furniture set up.

But this $60 thrift store find was too perfect to pass up! And will make our living room 1000% cuter.

After moving it all around the first floor of our house, it landed in a blank space near our entryway. The perfect spot for it.

(You can see in the picture above where I still need to touch up our wall paint from repainting our baseboards, ha! Life in a fixer upper, there’s always a project to finish.)

Since my kids share a small room, I’m considering letting each of them pick two drawers for some of their things. My kids love to collect and save lots of little trinkets. It’s a constant battle at our house to keep their stuff to a minimum. Still, we truly need more storage for them. This might be the perfect place to help them stay more organized.

I need to find a family picture to fill that gold picture frame I got from Target. Maybe a tall lamp with some black in it too?

What would you add to style this piece??

By the way, I reverse google image searched this dresser and saw it listed for $700! Score.

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