Our Bedroom Refresh With Farrow & Ball Parma Gray

Today I’m sharing how I transformed our primary bedroom with Farrow & Ball Parma Gray paint! Taking our room from 90’s apartment-vibes to a place that feels like a true retreat. I was on the hunt for the perfect, cheery blue and definitely found it with this color.

Time For An Upgrade

It’s been almost a year since moving into the Peppermint House. One of the last rooms to paint is our primary bedroom. It’s still got that glossy, pure white paint someone slapped on before listing the house.

What I like to call a landlord special. Not exactly the cozy look and feel you want in a primary bedroom.

I went searching for a light blue color with just the right amount of greens and gray tones, while still being a true blue.

I ordered a few peel & stick samples through Samplize to help narrow down my options and find the best one.

Paint Sample Pots Vs. Peel & Stick Paint Samples

I love Samplize samples because they’re made with two coats of real paint, so you know you’re getting a really accurate view of the color.

Did you know that most paint sample pots are inaccurate? Because the quantity is so small, small amounts of mix-in colors can get omitted.

For example, a gallon size of a white paint color might contain a drop of yellow mix-in paint. When you try to mix a pint size of the same color, the machine can’t divide one drop of yellow paint into such a small quantity.

So it just gets omitted completely. Which changes the color!

I found these peel & stick paint samples super easy to use, afforable, and so much more accurate than buying paint samples in store.

You can unpeel and restick them around the room. Even on doors and trim. It didn’t hurt the wall paint or door paint at all. This let me see each color in different spots of the room, and at different times of day. Game changer!

Farrow & Ball Parma Gray: A Perfect Bright Blue

I left the samples up for a few days and finally landed on Farrow & Ball Parma Gray. It looked the best on all four walls and all times of day. The perfect earthy, bright, cheery blue!

Our ceiling is low in this room so I decided to paint the ceiling too. No regrets on that. This color drench really makes this room cozy and soft. It feels more cohesive than having a contrasting ceiling color.

Here are a few other paint color contenders I considered:

1. Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball
2. Skylight by Farrow & Ball
3. Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore
4. Beacon Gray by Benjamin Moore
5. Silver Mist by Benjamin Moore
6. French Toile by Benjamin Moore
7. Mt. Rainier Gray by Benjamin Moore
8. Winter Lake by Benjamin Moore
9. Borrowed Light by Farrow & Ball

With all the golds, tans, white in this room, this blue compliments so perfectly.

Tip: I always use a flat paint sheen in bedrooms! Flat helps hide any wall textures or imperfections, and feels extra cozy in a bedroom.

You might notice we now have two blue bedrooms in our house. I’m trying to convince my kids to let me paint another rainbow or wall mural in their room instead!

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