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Sometimes it doesn’t take much to transform a room. One or two swaps can make a big impact. That’s totally the case with this playroom that a follower submitted this week on my Instagram! Here’s how I would update this room into a bright, modern playroom design, on a budget!

Playroom Before

This is their current playroom:

They have lots of floor space, and good natural light. Their shelves are a good storage solutions for toys and books. The glass doors are a beautiful architectural element. The fan looks updated and modern. They’re using this space well!

Modern Playroom Design Mood Board

My top two recommendations for this space–that would totally transform it on a penny or two–are these:

  1. Swap the rug for a playful floral design.
  2. Create a focal point on the far back wall.

Playroom Rug Ideas

A dark rug will easily hide every day kid messes from markers and spills. This is a win win! I loved this floral rug from Rifle Paper Co, and there are so many playful options to choose from.

Tips For Creating A Focal Point

Focal points are essential in any room design. Fireplaces, gallery walls, paint accents, or architectural details can all be focal points. A focal point should be where your eyes ultimately land in a room, and everything else radiates off of it. Focal points contribute to a feeling of balance in the overall room design.

For this room, I added a large, yellow arch on the back wall to create the focal point. Centered under the arch is the large toy/book storage console that becomes the center point of the whole room. You can add colorful sconces to the sides for an additional layer of lighting and interest.

More Styling Recommendations

Along with a dark rug and a new focal point, you could elevate the room with a bit more.

Think about where you can add seating.
Add colorful curtains and a tie back that add color, texture, and visual interest.
Coordinated toy bins will create so much less visual clutter in a playroom.

I love the little kids’ table in their room already and would definitely keep it. If you’ve ever tried to find cute kids’ furniture, you know it can get so ugly fast. I’ve found that putting in that extra into finding cute, quality pieces that your kids can use everyday is so worth it. This frees up visual clutter, and makes a kids’ space feel like the rest of your beautiful home.

I’ve found that cute, quality kids’ furniture doesn’t have to be expensive either. Like this table and chairs.

I have yet to convince anyone to use a pink light, or pink furniture, but I will not give up. As a mom of two small girls, pink is a staple in our house and I firmly believe pink can be a neutral. This pink fan is playful and fun, and the acrylic ledge shelves add a different material element in the design too.

Modern Playroom Design Essentials

For any playroom, there are a few essentials you’ll want to consider.

Add Seating

Think about where you can add seating. Add a chair or couch so you can all be together. This room isn’t just for your kids! At some point when your kids are older, you won’t need a playroom anymore. Playrooms are a flex-space. Meaning, the room can be whatever you need it to be in your current season of life. Design this room so that it can be changed later into something else. Maybe you’ll need an office space, guest room, or dining area down the road. Don’t do anything majorly permanent that won’t serve you well in the future.

Keep Toys In Check

Have one central storage location for books and toys. This way things don’t start creeping out onto the floor and create clutter. Sometimes it feels like we have kids’ toys and stuffed animals spilling out of every nook and cranny. Can you relate?

Toys Styling Tip

Choose your capacity for how many toys you want in your home, and limit yourself to just those.

Learn to let go of toys they don’t play with anymore. Say no to things that will just add to the clutter of your home. Everything should have a place–and if it doesn’t, let it go! Store it somewhere for a time, donate it, or sell it.

As your family grows, your kids’ interests and needs will change. Sell or give away old toys to make room for new ones. Rotate your toys with storage bins kept in the garage or attic. Do toy swaps with friends. Make room for more play!

Make It Fun

We’re a family of creatives and I try to create rooms that spark new ideas and playfulness. Playrooms are the perfect space to add fun colors, textures, and wild ideas to keep your kids entertained and inspired. Paint accents like this DIY Rainbow Mural are a cheap, easy way to elevate a room into a fun kids space.

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