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Do you love your home?

Every house can feel like home.

The magical elements that make a house feel like a home actually are very practical and approachable. And can happen at any budget.

By using good interior design principles in your DIY projects, you’re creating a magical home for you and your family one project at a time. 

Get Design Ideas to Help You Love Your Home

Interior design tips, mood boards, and my favorite products rounded up to inspire your home design.

If I can do it, so can you. Step-by-step, approachable tutorials that make your next home project easy.

Home designs made unique with custom design boards, styling recommendations, and product lists.

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Room Design Ideas

To Spark new Joy In Your Home

Do you ever feel like there’s this mysterious eye others have –  knowing how to put things together in a room to make it beautiful? 

“How did they know that would look good there?

You notice when you walk into their home that it feels peaceful and collected. Just, good. Something feels right. You want to spend time there. 

But what is it, exactly, that creates those feelings? And how the heck do you make your own home spark those feelings too?

Good home design isn’t a mystery. I’m slowing the process down to reveal what goes into good home design, and to show you how to implement it in your own home.

It's Not as Hard as it seems!

DIY Projects

To Love Your HOme & Save Money

Investing in your skills and tool collection is worth its weight in gold. 20-40% of a remodel project cost using a contractor is in labor alone. Sometimes it is totally worth it to hire work out, but I also believe that everyone is capable of learning how to DIY! And if your budget is small, doing it yourself gives you more room in your budget for bigger designs. 

No one cares more about your home than you do.

Make Your Space Yours.

Get Home Design Help

For YOur Unique Lifestyle

Overwhelmed with project ideas? Feeling stuck on how to improve your home? Sometimes you just need a fresh eye with new ideas. I’m here for you!

Book a home coaching session and get 45 minutes of home advice, ideas, and design problem solving. 

I’ll help you identify or create focal points in a room, improve layout, offer paint color ideas, style suggestions, and more. 

Make sure you’re on the right path to designing a home that follows good home design principles and will work for you and your family.

"Megan created a unique design that I had never seen before. She listened and cared about the styles I Iove and created something that fits me and my personality perfectly!"

Jen B.

The Latest Ideas

For You with Love.

Here are the latest home design ideas and DIY creations I’ve put together for you. I hope they inspire you to fall more in love with your home.

Design Tips, Ideas, & Resources

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