It’s true, we’ve sold our house and are leaving Texas! After 7 years here, we’re ready for our next adventure as a family.

We’ve been quietly putting things in motion since January. Nathan has been coordinating with his work to transition his job to a full-time remote position. We’ve been strategically pushing through our house projects to prepare our home to sell too.

Our home went on the market in mid-April and we received 18 offers in the first weekend (!!!). At the advice of our real estate agent, we staged our house and left for the weekend. Between showings and two open houses, we probably had over 75 groups of people view our house in 3 days.

We apparently couldn’t coordinate all of us so please enjoy a picture of just Nathan lol.

We received a handful of highly competitive, over-asking offers. We got to choose a buyer we are excited to pass along our house to. They are a young, first-time home owner. We are officially under contract and will close in a few weeks!

We’ve been in full home search mode since then. Our search criteria was:

  • 2,000 sqft minimum
  • 3+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms
  • Flat backyard space
  • Office
  • Extra living space via basement or bi-level home
  • Good school district

Bonus factors were a large dining space, a guest room, over 30 years old, and in a well-established neighborhood with mature trees. We’ve been open to a house that needs a lot of cosmetic work, but I think we were both hoping to find one that didn’t need any major updates right away.

As for where we’re headed next… We’ve had our hearts set on one place for over 10 years – Colorado! We decided last summer (2022) that we were ready to leave Texas. We visited the Denver area over Thanksgiving to scope it out a bit. It felt so right to us and was really confirming that this is the best place for our family moving forward.

A family looking out over an overview of mountains in Colorado.

Our DFW real estate agent connected us with an agent in Denver who has been doing showings via Facetime for us. This past week we made a secret trip there to look at homes in person too.

We looked at homes alllllllll over the Denver area, and right now we are under contract for a home in Northern Denver! I can’t share details or pictures yet because it is still pending inspection. But assuming all goes well, we’ll move in early June.

On the final day of our house hunting trip last week, by some CRAZY chance, one of my favorite houses came back on market. Our agent had actually done a showing there for us via Facetime the week before, and we tried to put in a backup offer. They didn’t accept our backup offer so we had to move on.

Well, their buyer fell through so we were able to see it in person last week for the first time. We put in another offer and between the two they received, they chose ours! (insert sobs here)

It needs more cosmetic work than we initially expected, but the neighborhood and location is like a fairy tale. Established trees, well-maintained homes with lots of families, quiet, a neighborhood pool close by, right next to a huge park with trails, a lake, and a big hill for sledding. It’s close to a downtown with lots of shopping and restaurants too. Oh, and incredible schools. Is this even our real life?

This is the kind of home that I can see us living in for a long time. Maybe even forever. Fingers crossed. We are SO excited.

Our kids are “happy and sad” about our new adventure (excuse me while I sob more). But we’re confident this will be the best thing for our family long-term. We are looking forward to years of more camping, hiking, and enjoying our summers outside.

We will miss our community here in Texas so much. Plus, I can now drive most places without Google Maps. And I just found someone who cuts my hair the way I like it. I’m coming to terms that this may never happen again.

I promise to share details of the new house after we close next month. But I will give you a hint… the exterior is green! Multiple shades of green.

We’ve put so much of ourselves into this little Texas house in these last 3 years. I still had projects on my list to finish here, like updating the kitchen, the dining room, the rest of the popcorn ceilings, and the flooring. I’m sure the next owner will make it their own.

Part of the reason we fell in love with our TX home was because I could instantly envision what every room could be. I feel similarly about our new CO home. There’s so much potential to make it feel like us.

It’s taken me some time to process, and I’m looking forward to starting over in a new house. I feel like I’m entering into a new space with a clearer vision of my style and what I like more than ever before. I know it will translate into creating a home we love even more than our current home.

I’ll be sharing a final home tour soon. Thanks for following along with us in our home adventures!!

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  1. Looks like God had your number, knew your desires and decided to bless you big time. I love how He works!!! – and so swiftly this time. Yes, moving is sad – agree – BUT moving is SO EXCITING! New friends. New sites. New bedrooms and flower beds.
    Getting your brain cells rattled and rearranged in new ways. All good.

    So, happiness to all. We’ll be praying all the details go well with just enough adventurous mishaps to remind you that God has a plan and is still at work.

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