12 In-Style Plug-In Wall Sconces From Amazon

Today I’m sharing some favorite picks for affordable, plug-in wall sconces from Amazon!

Lighting Tips

One of the most common issues I see in home design is inadequate lighting. Did you know you actually need 3 layers of lighting? Ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting make a home feel balanced and comfortable at every time of day.

  • Ambient lighting is the primary source of light in a room. This is your general overhead lighting that is located centered in the room. This lights up the room so that you can safely and easily navigate it.
  • Accent lighting lights up all the shadows that ambient lighting can’t reach. These are places like fireplaces, corners, bookshelves, reading nooks, etc. This type of lighting also highlights a feature in your home like artwork, decor, or an architectural detail like a fireplace.
  • Task lighting is direct lighting for specific functions. This is illuminates a small area and makes a task easier to accomplish. A lamp near a couch for reading, under-cabinet lights in a kitchen for food prepping, a desk lamp for doing paperwork.

One of the most comment items I put in my custom designs are wall sconces! These are an easy way to add accent or task lighting to a space, and they can make a fun statement in your home too.

A few of my favorite spots for wall sconces are

  • over nightstands
  • around a fireplace
  • above or beside large art
  • above a sink
  • above open shelves
  • or nested above a hutch or cabinet.

Since I link wall sconces so often, I want to round up my fav plug-in wall sconces from Amazon. No hardwiring needed! You can strategically hide the cords behind plants, art, or furniture. Or let it be part of a casual look!

Plug-in Wall Sconces from Amazon Links

  1. Modern Swing Arm, Set of 2 – $90
  2. Modern Globe Brass Finish with Opal White Glass – $99
  3. Shawnkey Modern Brushed Gold, Set of 2 – $149
  4. Black Swing Arm Wall Sconce – $86
  5. Gold MCM Adjustable Wall Lights, Set of 2 – $57
  6. Larkar Black Industrial Gooseneck, Set of 2 – $44
  7. Edison lamp in Frosted Blue, Set of 2 – $31
  8. Adcssynd Set of 2 in Gold – $87
  9. Globe Electric White and Brass Accents – $36
  10. Bamboo Wall Light Fixture – $39
  11. Danseer Exposed Bulb in Black – $64
  12. Nordic Dimmable White and Wood – $46

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