Transitional Style Loft Playroom Design Idea

I just wrapped up a custom mood board for a Loft Playroom design! It came together so well and Samantha is graciously letting me share it with you here.

This mood board is part of a larger order with multiple mood boards and consultations, so I asked Samantha to send me a Pinterest board to get to know her style.

Finding Her Style

Scrolling through her pins, I saw lots of neutrals, creams, natural woods, and earthy colors. Lots of soft layers, textures, rounded shapes. Everything looked so comfortable and soft. Gold accents, with maybe some matte black scattered in.

I recommended looking into the Transitional style as she shops for decor and furniture in the future. I think this will be helpful in finding the items that she loves.

This loft playroom design fits right into this style!

This is an extra living space in an upstairs, and needs to provide space and storage for toys and a TV.

I recommended this leather chesterfield couch since I know this is an area where her kids will spend time. I know my kids like to break out markers and glue to make crafts, so durable furniture is a must for kid-friendly spaces.

A Design Revision – Loft Playroom

She asked for an additional idea for a fabric couch and a leather chair combo too (below). There’s so much room for either option! And both fit into her style.

SHOP THIS DESIGN PT 2.: Fabric Storage Sofa // Chesterfield Chair

This loft playroom design feels a bit more formal for a playroom, but I think it fits right into the style she loves and will work great for her family.

Since this is an open room to the rest of the upstairs, it makes sense to dress it up a bit more. Plus, this room is so large that it can hold lots of toys for her kids still.

Playrooms are a favorite space to design for me!

They’re such a great, low-stakes space in your home to add color and experiment a bit.

Why Custom Mood Boards?

Custom Mood Boards are an easy way to get inspired in your home.

I love creating these for people because I think they’re helpful in determining how to get from point A (your current room) to point B (the room of your dreams).

Creating a home you love takes time, and lots of creative problem solving. I hope this makes it a little easier for you!

Tuck the ideas in your back pocket until you’re ready to implement them, or start building your room right away.

Want a design idea like this? Order a custom mood board! Details and pricing here.

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