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I took an online workplace quiz once that told me I am high in “aesthetics”. After thinking about it every day for years, I think this is very true of me! I pay careful attention to the types of things we bring into our home. Toys, books, furniture, decor and everyday items. I want them to not only look nice, but feel nice too. These summer amazon home finds fit right into our style and made our life a little more practical!

This summer I ordered a handful of things from Amazon to help us transition into the new house, new lifestyle, and new family activities to enjoy.

Save these for gift ideas or recommendations for the random home items you might want later. Enjoy!

Here are a few summer amazon home finds that we’ve been using and LOVING for months!

1. Retro Metal Mini Vornado Fan

I have to sleep with a fan on or else I’ll lose my mind. Our current bedroom ceiling fan is old old old and the motor is loud. Instead I found this mini but powerful retro fan that I keep on at night. It’s the perfect white noise that gives the room some air flow and keeps me cool!

2. A Modern Looking Humidifier That Isn’t Ugly

Good for human lungs and plant lungs. Serving up humidity and modern lewks. Everyone said “it’s a dry heat in Colorado” but no one told us we’d be coughing our lungs out because of it! I’ve been filling up our rooms with humidifiers going 24/7 to help our poor airways get some relief. Normally I wouldn’t want something like this just out and about in our living room but we’ve desperately needed it.

I found one that I didn’t hate and it blends in the background really well!

3. Kid’s Cookbooks

It’s possible our kids have eaten uncrustables for breakfast and lunch everyday for months. Both my kids love to help in the kitchen so I thought some kid cookbooks would be a fun activity before school starts up. I let them pick out a recipe for the week to make together.

This week my oldest picked Pineapple Whip and my youngest picked Slice & Bake Rainbow Cookies. These were manageable to make with kids and we had so much fun.

Delish Kids Cookbook and Big, Fun, Kids Baking Book

4. Hard Shell Taco Holders

I found these Siete hard shell tacos that I use all the time for breakfast tacos and dinners. They are Paleo-friendly and actually taste good, unlike so many other options out there. But all my toppings were falling out. Enter: taco shell holders. Feels like I’m at a fancy restaurant except for the fact that I spent 45 mins cooking before I could even use them. Yum. I’m not a food photographer so I’ll spare you a bad taco picture.

5. Extra Cushy Yoga Mat

Leaving my favorite gym in Texas was sad, but buying some home workout equipment made it better. This extra cushy yoga mat hasn’t seen much use yet, but I love that it’s extra thick. It works great on our hardwood floors and for my knees!

6. Weekly Supplement Organizer

This pill organizer has kept me on track to take all my supplements and vitamins every day when my potentially ADD brain is too overwhelmed to remember. I fill it every Sunday and take each day’s box out and leave it on my kitchen window. Pairs well with daily alarms for additional reminders. I love that it has a morning and evening section in each day’s box! It feels high quality and made traveling a lot easier this summer.

7. Kids’ Super Soft Weighted Blanket

My youngest was having a hard time falling asleep before the big move. She’s particular about the feel of clothing and blankets, like me! I found this small, plush weighted blanket to help her feel more calm at night. After months of having trouble falling asleep and coming out of her room for hours after bedtime, once she started using this, she stayed in her bed and was able to feel calm and relaxed to fall asleep. My oldest tried it a few times and loved it too.

8. Stanley 40z Tumbler Dupe

I should preface this by saying I’ve never owned a Stanley Tumbler. I’ve still been using my 4 year old Hydroflask that went out of style ages ago, so I’m told. But since we’ve moved to Colorado I’ve been really dehydrated adjusting to the altitude. A friend recommended this 40oz Stanley tumbler dupe. I’ve been drinking so much water this week that I feel sick from too much healthiness.

It’s not top heavy. Fits in a cup holder. Comes with multiple lid styles and a gripper for the bottom. I’m shocked at how much I like this water bottle.

9. Espresso Machine & Accessories

We visited my family in Wisconsin over July 4th and my sister -in-law brought her little espresso machine and made us iced lattes every afternoon. I had recently decided to cut down on coffee but thanks to her I am now make espresso every single afternoon too. Thanks Marie? Ha.

I used to be really snobby about coffee – still am a little bit – but this one makes a great espresso at home. I found this same one as my sister-in-law for $40 on Facebook Marketplace. It retails for $120. Score!

I usually use the milk steamer to make a hot latte. I finally got a matte black stainless steel steaming pitcher, a temperature gauge, and an espresso tamper to make it even better. These are good ones! An airtight container like this one keeps your coffee fresher longer.

Tip: If you steam your milk more than 160 degrees, it changes the consistency, burns, and turns watery! I stop steaming once the milk reaches 145 degrees. My favorite combo is a small about of Chobani Sweet Cream and creamy Oat Milk.

Summer Amazon Home Finds Link List

  1. Retro Metal Mini Vornado Fan
  2. A Modern Looking Humidifier That Isn’t Ugly
  3. Kid’s Cookbooks: Delish Kids Cookbook and Big, Fun, Kids Baking Book
  4. Hard Shell Taco Holders
  5. Extra Cushy Yoga Mat
  6. Weekly Supplement Organizer
  7. Kids’ Super Soft Weighted Blanket
  8. Stanley 40z Tumbler Dupe
  9. At Home Latte Supplies: Espresso Machine, Espresso Tamper, Milk Thermometer, Matte Black Milk Steaming Pitcher, Airtight Coffee Container

What other summer Amazon home finds have you found and loved??

(p.s. Fall feels like it’s right around the corner. I put together a roll call for Halloween decor from Amazon for under $35 here!)

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