Transitional Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Design

When a design turns out this good, you have to share. This Custom Mood Board was one of four for a family who just moved into a new home with lots of empty rooms to fill. Having a design idea like this makes it easier to know what to look for and how to pull each room together. They’re graciously letting me share this final design with you so you don’t miss out! Samantha’s ideal style is a transitional modern farmhouse.

Which means lots of layers, neutrals, and earth tones. I can’t get enough of all the details!

Design Variations

I’m always amazed how changing one element can affect the whole look! We went through a few variations before landing on the final look. Swapping the nightstands and the ceiling light makes the room feel brighter.

I loved this version with velvet green club chairs too. Makes it feel more dramatic, if you’re into that.

The transitional modern farmhouse style is so gorgeous. A key to achieving this look is layering color tones.

Layers of neutrals, while also providing textures like natural woods or cane, velvets, tweeds, and other materials through the bedding, rug, and pillows.

The wood and cane dresser, bouclé or velvet chairs, gold metal sconces, and tweed curtains add that needed texture for this design!

Need a design idea like this?

Need help picking out furniture, lighting, rugs, and decor for a room in your house? Order a Custom Mood Board! Describe your style and what you’re looking for. I’ll send you a design idea like this to help you complete the room whenever you’re ready.

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