Pink Bathroom DIY Renovation Reveal

That’s a wrap on our 4-week, Phase 1 Hall Bathroom renovation! We’ve been working hard to get this bathroom back in order for our kids and house guests. I love how this first phase turned out, playful but classic too. We use this bathroom every day so it needed to be really practical, but make a statement too! Come check it out.

Room Details

Pink bathroom with a cane and white vanity, gold faucet, and vintage style mirror.

In this phase of the renovation, we weren’t going to replace our shower tile or hardware so I needed a design that would pair with the existing 90’s tile situation. The gold finishes and light pink paint color created the classic, retro kind of look I wanted.

Pink walls with gold decor and hardware in our recently updated small bathroom.

Every inch counts in a tight space like this! We had lots of clutter issues to troubleshoot in here.

Our old vanity was a big, clunky box that took up so much space. Since our kids aren’t tall enough to reach the faucet, their step stool was constantly in the way of the vanity opening and the bathroom door.

It took some strategic maneuvering to navigate around in this bathroom.

DIY Remodel Pink Bathroom with Blue Floral Patterned Tile Floor and Wood and Cane Vanity

We gained almost 10 inches of space by switching to a taller, skinnier vanity.

Wild! And we can slide the kids’ step stool under the vanity. Which is a game changer. No more kicking it every.single.time we’re in here.

*all the parents clapped with joy*

Anthropologie towel hardware in our newly remodeled pink hall bathroom.

Our old towel rack was behind the door, which meant the door could never fully open. The towels would squish between the wall and the door. You had to press one foot against the door to keep it from closing on you to use the vanity. It was such a pleasurable experience to be in here, as you can tell.

I moved the towel hooks right by the shower, and hung them low so kids would be able to reach them. This means less towels on the floor or hung up on door knobs in their rooms, yesss!

The door can fully open now.

Pink Bathroom Towel Hardware from Anthropologie

The previous towel ring was right at your elbow near the vanity. It was the final annoying sequence in the horrible experience that was this bathroom. It grazed your arm as you washed your hands, like an awkward hovering friend.

Wood and cane vanity with gold faucet and vintage style mirror in our newly renovated hall bathroom DIY project.

I honestly couldn’t settle on another location for a new towel ring!

I tested it above the toilet, or just to the left of the mirror, but then there would be no space for any art or shelves. Another option was to hang it over the sink, but then you lose counter space on an already small counter, OR it’s directly in your elbow space.

I decided to hang the hand towel on the dual hooks by the shower instead.

I kept the matching towel ring if I ever change my mind and decide to hang it.

But for now we’ll enjoy a blank wall behind the door and beside the vanity.

Blue floral patterned floor tile in our pink bathroom DIY remodel

I spent hours, days, weeks, deciding on a floor tile that would work.

My original design had half-tiled walls everywhere, and wallpaper on the upper half the walls, which would allow for a simple floor tile. But knowing I was painting the walls instead, I wanted to bring in some kind of pattern and color.

Considering this tile cost only $80, I’d say this is an amazing budget-friendly find that accomplished my design goal.

Pink Bathroom Painted Ceiling and popcorn removal in our DIY remodel project.

This was the first time I’d ever painted a ceiling in my own house, even though I’ve recommended it to so many people in Custom Mood Boards and Custom Room Designs for clients.

Let me tell you, it was so satisfying.

I love the drama it adds to the whole room.

Pink Bathroom Wood and Cane Vanity with Gold Faucet in our DIY hall bathroom remodel

This faucet was an Amazon find. I love the subtle details of it. It’s a little too yellow-gold for me, but it was a budget-friendly option for this quick renovation project.

Pink Bathroom Gold Faucet and Wood and Cane Vanity in our newly remodeled DIY Hall Bathroom Project

I strategically edited the color palate to pinks, golds, and whites as much as possible. Gold finishes add lots of warmth. There’s a mix of brushed gold and antique brass between the faucet, mirror, light, and hardware.

I painted the trim the same pink as the walls. I love the effect this has visually. The pieces that are white – toilet, tub, tile, sink, and light fixture – stand out so much more.

The only blue item in this room is the floor tile.

Pink Bathroom Mid-Century Modern Globe, Milk-Glass Vanity Lights

This double MCM frosted globe light was the perfect addition to add a vintage flair. The soft lighting is perfect for a small space.

DIY Pink Bathroom Remodel

I shared the whole process on my Instagram of skim coating these walls after removing the old wallpaper. The walls turned out great! I repaired a few holes and you can’t even tell where they were before. It’s definitely not 100%, perfectly smooth. It makes sense to me now why you’d add texturing to your walls to hide the imperfections. I can imagine it would be so hard to get them perfectly smooth.

It was a great solution for our budget, and now it’s perfectly prepped for wallpaper in the future.

Pink Bathroom DIY Project Reveal

Total DIY Reno Cost

Our initial budget was $1,000. We went over because we needed drywall tools, and a few items cost more than I estimated. We also replaced the toilet which wasn’t in the original budget. Overall, this was still a budget-friendly renovation.

  • 24″ Vanity – $345
  • Faucet – $88
  • Light – $75
  • Mirror – $140
  • Towel Hooks, Ring, TP Holder – $165
  • Paint (Wall, Trim, and Drywall Primer) – $45 + $55 + $30
  • Trim – $75
  • Wallpaper Remover Steamer – $75
  • AC Vent Repalcement – $15
  • Tile – $80
  • Grout – $50
  • Thinset – $15
  • Colored Caulk – $15
  • Basic Toilet – $100
  • Drywall Repair (Tools + Compound) – $50

TOTAL COST: $1,418

We could have cut costs with a cheaper mirror and cheaper bath hardware. Everything else was about as cheap as it gets!

Pink Bathroom Before

Phase 2 Plans

Here’s what I would have done with more budget and more time!

  • Replace tub with a modern white color.
  • Replace shower tile with 3×3″ square white tiles and dark grout.
  • Extend the shower tile around the lower half the the entire room to make it all connected.
  • Upgrade shower/bath faucet hardware.
  • Add wallpaper on the top half of walls.
  • Possibly redo flooring if needed to coordinate with new wall tiles.

This bathroom got a major upgrade in terms of looks and function. I’m sure it will be a few years before we would do Phase 2!

Wallpaper vs. Paint

One of the design issues I faced was figuring out the right combination of art, color, and hardware placement. I think the reason is because the walls feel a bit naked with just paint.

I will definitely add wallpaper to this room. Turn the walls into art themselves. Then I could hang the towel ring in a spot that makes sense without it feeling odd on a blank wall.

The amount of “things” on the wall can be kept to a minimal. And it will have added layers of color and texture.

Attention to Finishes

This was such a quick project. I didn’t spend too much energy on matching the exact gold finishes. So they’re all a bit different. The towel hardware is a darker brass, the light is an orange-y gold, the faucet a brushed-yellow gold. The mirror an antique gold.

Next time, I’ll work harder to make sure they all match! Or at least have only 2 finishes max.

I love how this bathroom turned out. I’ve dubbed it our Pink Retro Bathroom, but it also reminds me of cotton candy. We promised our girls a pink bathroom. Watching them light up when they saw this room for the first time was so fun.

What’s your favorite part??

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