Modern Coastal Home Design Idea – For A Living Room & Dining Room

Today I’m sharing a Mini E-Design I created for a home addition that acts as a second living space and main dining room. In a Moody Coastal home design style, what’s not to love! Get all the links and sources below.

Alright Magic Makers, let’s get back to something we all love… MOOD BOARDS.

I still have a few from paid designs in 2023 that I haven’t shared yet, because, idk, either I just can’t get myself organized or I’ve been keeping these gems for just the right moment. Pick whichever option is cooler and makes me look more professional.

This is one of my favorite mini e-designs I’ve done so far. This was for a back addition on a house that acts as a second living space and main dining room. Picture big windows, a fireplace, and tall ceilings! The client asked for a Modern Costal home design look to go with the rest of their house.

Alternative Designs – Moody Coastal Home Design

For every paid design I do, I offer design revisions. I try to capture as much of your vision as possible, but we might have different ideas and styles. So you’ll always have the opportunity to make changes! For a Mini E-Design package, I’ll swap up to two elements for you. This client requested a different idea for the rug, and barstools.

Which dining room design do you like best??

Design Sources/Links

Lot’s of careful planning goes into each design. From functionality to style, I want your room to be achievable for you to implement without breaking your budget.

Your home’s design is an investment!

I recommend spending more to get high quality pieces on items like furniture, rugs, and lighting. And then saving on the decor elements.

You can make your house a home on any budget. Figure out your budget and design from there. Thrifting and purchasing intentionally selected second-hand pieces is a great way to save.


Order An Easy-To-Implement Design Idea

Want a design idea like this?!

Order a Mini E-Design Package! We’ll start with a Design Consultation (I call it a Home Coaching Session) so you can tell me all about your space and your vision for what it could be. Then I’ll create a Custom Mood Board to give you a fresh idea to help complete your space.

Walk away inspired and ready to start assembling your dream room.

Order yours today!

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