Holiday Gift Guide 2022

51 Ideas For DIY Tool Essentials, Interior Design Resources, Home Decor, Plant Accessories and more!

The Hill Home Love Gift Guide is here! I freaking love gifts (you’re not surprised). These are items I already own and love. Or ones that I’m eyeing for a loved one! I hope this gift guide is helpful for you as you live generously this holiday season.

For The Plant Person

You know the one. They can’t stop collecting plants and all the goodies that go with them. Contribute to their green thumb life with a few of these favs.

  1. Wild At Home Plant Styling + Care Guide Book – $16
  2. Plant Temporary Tattoos – $12.50
  3. Brass Gooseneck Watering Can – $26
  4. Plant Food Fertilizer – $28.50 – I add a few drops of this plant food to my watering can every week, and my plants have been thriving! I’ve seen new growth on even my too-far-gone plants. It’s magical.
  5. Modern Plant Pulley – $57 – you can never have too many hanging plants, and this pulley system makes it easier to water those hard-to-reach ones.
  6. Bloom Canvas Flag – $48 – Carly Jean Los Angeles is such a cute curated home shop that I’ve followed for years. Brighten up any spot with this canvas flag!
  7. Fellow Plant Travel Thermos – $30
  8. Terracotta Plant Pots – $30

Coffee Table Design Books

No thumb scrolling here. There’s something magical about letting yourself slowly take in a room and studying a well-designed space. There are so many design books I love (I’ll have to do a round up of those!), but these are few that consistently leave me feeling inspired.

  1. Made For Living by Amber Lewis – $28 – laid-back, so-cal elevated style
  2. Style by Natalie Walton – $37
  3. The New Design Rules by Emily Henderson – $19
  4. Jungalow by Justina Blakeney- $19 – a colorful, wild style
  5. Down To Earth by Lauren Liess – $29 – laid-back and elegant style
  6. Giant Book Of Tiny Homes – $24 – Small homes need to be super efficient. Seeing good design happen in a tiny space that also needs to be practical is so inspiring to me.
  7. Home With Rue by Kelli Lamb – $20
  8. Living with Color by Rebecca Atwood – $22

For The DIY’er

Any DIY’er knows – the best gifts are PROJECTS! Tools and gift cards to getltk it done. Besides lending a hand, here just a few staple tools every DIY’er needs.

  1. Brad Nail Gun – $149 – I use this for installing trim and wall treatments.
  2. Saker Multi-Function Foldable, Multi-Angle Level, 28-Inch – $39 – how cool is this!
  3. Orbital Sander – $70
  4. Stylish Safety Glasses – $13 – various colors
  5. Wells Lamont Women’s Hybrid Leather Work Gloves – $15
  6. Multi-Tool – $86 – for cutting hard-to-reach or awkward pieces
  7. Jig Saw – $44 – for those hard-to-get, custom cuts
  8. Cordless Drill with Battery + Charger – $74 – the most basic tool everyone needs.
  9. Ryobi 7 1/4 Sliding Mitre Saw – $279 – We use this one, and I love this one because you can slide the blade for even wide cuts.
  10. Laser Level – $49 – Make sure that shiplap, picture frame moulding, cabinets, etc are exactly level or deal with crooked regrets forever.
  11. Portable Wet Tile Saw – $165 – We used this basic tile for our primary bathroom shower renovation! It’s not super fancy, but it gets the job done at a budget-friendly price.
  12. Gift Cards – Contribute to their projects, whatever they need. Become their BFF, even more.

For Your Coffee Friend

Take your time and make good coffee. This is one of my favorite morning rhythms, even though I’ve given up black coffee… for now. I’d recommend these to any new or seasoned coffee person!

  1. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle in Pink + Wood – $185 – If pink isn’t your thing, they also have copper, black, white, silver, and more.
  2. Green Travel Thermos – $27
  3. Plant Travel Thermos – $30
  4. Ceramic, Handmade Mug from a Small Business – $30 – from a local (to me) shop in Denton, TX and ships anywhere!
  5. 6 Cup Chemex Maker – $45 – comes in various sizes. A 6 Cup size is perfect for two people, or for those days when you need a double-dose.
  6. Coffee beans + a handmade candle from a Small Business – (Flower Mound, TX)
  7. Cold Foam / Milk Steamer For Iced Coffee or Lattes – $40

For Your Kids

National Parks Art + Kid’s Passport Notebooks from!

These passport notebooks are perfect for your kid who likes to collect or journal. They have ones for books, national parks, hikes, drawing, games, and more. They also have ones for grownups, who are still a kid are heart. I have one for Books, and it made my year to add to it every month.

The Cutest Puzzles You’ve Ever Seen

I buy a new puzzle every holiday season. Last year we lost a single puzzle piece from THREE of our new puzzles, because… kids. I cannot emphasize enough how insane it makes me feel, ha! I’m just walking around every day feeling incomplete inside.

I’ll never give up my puzzle quest but maybe you’ll have more luck than me with actually finishing them! I love this puzzle brand, they make the cutest designs. I bought one from them last year.

  1. Plant Shelfie Puzzle 1000 Piece $17
  2. Afternoon Tea Puzzle 500 piece $14
  3. Plant Cafe Puzzle 1000 Piece $16

For Your Auto-Immune Life Friend

When you have an auto-immune disease (like me!), you cook a lot. One of the best ways you can support a loved one or a friend navigating a health journey is to support them in the kitchen or help them be re-inspired with healthy food. These are all items I use and love (or have on my personal “still-need” list).

  1. Paleo Cookbooks I Love
  2. Mandolin Slicer – $47 – makes slicing those veggies so much easier
  3. Stainless Steel Gold + Wooden Measuring Cups + Spoons – $28 – for liquid and dry measurements
  4. Thrive Market Gift Card – I purchased a Thrive membership a year ago and it’s been a good resource for Paleo-approved foods. They also have lots of yummy food for Keto, Gluten Free, or other special diets! Get 40% off your first order with this link.
  5. Spiralizer – $74 – for those zoodles everyone “loves”
  6. Hu chocolate (Paleo Approved!) – I find this in my local grocery store or at Target.
  7. Instapot – $80 – we don’t own one of these yet, but I know it would make our life so much easier, ha.
  8. Immersion Blender – $29 – for creaming soups, homemade mayo, and so much more.
  9. Perk Energy Drink Mixes – I LOVE these drink mixes. I’ve been using these for over a year now and recommend them to evvveeerrryyyone. They taste so yummy and are basically like a dessert. Paleo/Keto friendly. Every drink has collagen protein, no artificial sweeteners, and it supports your metabalism and energy levels with antioxidants. Their energy line has 100mg caffeine to kick-start your day. Their chill drink mixes are made with a slower-absorbing protein blend for better recovery and include vitamins/minerals like magnesium to help your body relax and sleep well. See all their flavors here (Mexican hot chocolate is my favorite)! Get 10% off your Perk order with this link, or with the code PY-JqzMX.

My Go-To Can’t Go Wrong Gift:

Coffee/Tea + a candle! I love buying these from a local shop to support a small business, and it’s such a welcoming gift.

I put this together not as a way to convince you spend money or be one more person shouting BUY THIS, LOOK HERE! My heart behind this guide is that it can be a resource for you, as you live generously this Holiday Season.

Let’s give good gifts to the people around us this year!

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