12 Neutral Flush Mount Light Options To Replace A Boob Light

I finally replaced our hall “boob” light (you know the kind), and I came across so many cute ones that I had to share with you.

These lights are all neutral colors, have lots of details, and would be stunning in a hallway, closet, kitchen nook, short bedrooms or bathrooms.

Flush mount lights are designed to be low profile, right next to the ceiling. Save them for small spaces when you don’t have enough height in a room for a pendant light, chandelier, or even a fan in a bedroom.

  1. 11″ Anthropologie Stevie Light $148
  2. 8″ CB2 White Bell Light $70
  3. Rough Edge Metal Light $399
  4. 20″ CB2 Wrapped Light
  5. Clear Glass Shade $40
  6. Marble Fluted $349
  7. Jane Light $273
  8. Amirah Glass Semi Flush Mount $160
  9. White Rattan $199
  10. 15″ Naomi Anthropologie $198
  11. Carneros Milk Glass Flush Mount $244
  12. Edie Prismatic $179

Flush mount lights are one of the easiest swaps you can make in your home.

Change out the boring ones in your hallways, entryways, or closets to create a simple, beautiful moment in a very ordinary space.

There are so many amazing, cheap options too. Here are a few of my favorite.

We recently swapped our hallway boob light with that $40 Gold and Glass light, and it’s possibly the best $40 I’ve ever spent.

Never underestimate the power of a cute light. It’s small changes like this that add up over time to a big transformation.

Now when I walk through my hallway I smile. Such a simple swap made a difference in my home. We also have a mint green flush mount light in our kitchen that I love!

Where could you use a little light like this??

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