Design Finds In The Wild This Week – with English Coastal Vibes

Today I’m sharing home decor and furnishings I encountered in the wild while putting together a design to furnish a conference room and living room. Some splurges, some good deals. These are giving off English Coastal, Colorful vibes.

When I’m creating custom mood boards or looking for design solutions for a home coaching session, I encounter furniture and decor pieces along the way that might not be a perfect fit for my client’s home, but might just be a perfect fit for yours.

Here are this week’s design finds in the wild!

You know when you see something cute in a shop and think of your friend. So you take a picture and text it to them? This is the same thing, from me to you. Believe me, the Ribbon Lamp and Everlasting Candle are just too freaking cute to not share with you.

English Coastal Lighting Finds

Mini lamps are a weakness. But when they have a ribbon bow detail?! Can’t handle it. This bow table lamp from Urban Outfitters has such a charming look. Even more, this bauble lampshade from Anthropologie too. I love the shape and the black stripe along the top and bottom. It’s little details like this that go a long way in your home.

Decor Finds

Tapestries are an amazing way to fill a big, blank space in your home. These ones from Anthropologie are shockingly affordable given how big they are.

My friend showed me this reimagined candle and it blew my mind. It’s a vase you fill with unscented oil. You place these Steel candles in it, and the ends wick up the oil and burn it. Creating a really unique candle, without the waste and harmful chemicals. It’s smoke free and scent free, and reusable. Check out all the different colors and styles!

English Coastal Furniture Finds

Has velvet furniture gone out of style? I think it’s safe to say it never will. This earthy blue velvet loveseat and bubble legs would fit so well in a living space or even a bedroom. Don’t let the word “custom” intimidate you – the price is still so reasonable! A key element to English Coastal is furniture in this style. Comfortable, elegant, and with character.

Tiny accent table anyone? Perfect to go behind two accent chairs or in a corner spot. Set your coffee down on it, maybe a book, maybe a plant. It’s the perfect little side table.

Console tables are a great way to define an entryway or an open space behind a couch. This one is more of a transitional style, and it looks so different. It’s not everyone’s taste, but could be a unique piece to add to your home.

These West Elm Shelves are just so darling. The partially-closed detail along the back is so unique and stunning. I love the soft edges and high end look. A great statement piece.

Accents & Textiles

I have personally texted this green checked rug to at least three friends. Someone needs this! Comes in white too. Love the simple, modern pattern.

Bold, unexpected rugs are a favorite design element of mine. When clients are willing to go that quirky direction it just makes me so happy. Homes should be fun and playful (if that’s your vibe, I mean). This gold plaid rug checks all the boxes.

A more organic, down-to-earth rug option is a jute rug. I loved this unique take on it from Emily Henderson’s new rug line with RugsUSA. Feels very english coastal to me.

English Coastal Vintage Art

I realize this didn’t make it to the picture above, but I found lots of vintage art this week. These are digital downloads that start at $3.60! Super affordable and an amazing way to add instant character to any space. I’ve printed art from this Etsy store at and they turned out perfectly.

Get all the links here.

I always say when I share links, I don’t share products with you because I think you need them or because you’re missing out.

But because it might just be the perfect piece to go on your empty wall or in the corner of your room that you haven’t been able to figure out.

I hope these items inspire you in your own home. More next week!

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