Our plans to furnish our new house right away were thwarted by all the unexpected home repairs we needed instead. So I’ve been plotting a long-term design plan for when we’re finally able to replace some living room furniture. I’ve been stuck on what colorful rug to pick out for our space. I finally figured out why!

We have hardwood floors in our living room so I’ve been looking for a soft, comfortable rug. I really wanted a look like this:

Getting Unstuck With A Design Decision

But for some reason I just couldn’t pull the design together. Something was off and I couldn’t bring myself to order it.

I finally realized that while I loooove this rug and I’ve seen others make it work beautifully in their home, it just wasn’t me.

I love lots of color and unusual patterns. This feels a bit more traditional.

Maybe I was trying to stretch beyond my normal style. Maybe I was influenced by others and wanted to make my home look a bit more like someone else’s.

I was scrolling through my Pinterest Profile a few weeks ago and noticed my cover photo from a design I did for an email subscriber:

Bedroom Mood Board

It finally clicked for me that my style is unique.

I need to trust my gut and incorporate the pieces I truly love into my home! A colorful rug like this is much more my taste.

I started looking for more unique rug prints and found so many to choose from. A whole world opened up of choices. After feeling creatively blocked for months on what rug to choose, suddenly I had so much freedom and fun picking out what I wanted.

Something hard about finding the right pieces for your home is that you can find inspiration from Pinterest and other people.

But you can’t just copy and paste items into your home and expect them to work.

How to recognize patterns in your unique home style

Get to know your style by recognizing the patterns in what you love.

Are you drawn to colors or neutrals?

Do you like busy or simple patterns?

Lean towards maximalism or minimalism?

Do you like clean lines or lots of details?

Do you lean towards brass, silver or black finishes?

An easy way to get to know the patterns in your unique style is with Pinterest.

Create a Pinterest board for your home and pin everything that you like, no questions asked. Do this for a few days or a few weeks.

Then go back and look for similarities. Do you see repetition in color? In shapes? In textures?

Keep these observations in mind as you shop for your home. Trust your gut and stick with your unique patterns.

All The Colorful Rugs Options I Considered For My Home

I’ve been saving all my colorful rug options in a Pinterest board so I can easily scroll through them. This list is still growing, but I landed on a final option yesterday! It’s been ordered and is on its way to our home now.

Since most of our upstairs is hardwood, I wanted a super soft rug option.

I’ve heard good reviews about Loloi’s CloudPile rugs, and finally found one in my style and budget, that’s the right size for our space.

Fingers crossed it works as well as I hope!

In the meantime, check out this Pinterest board here with 47 different rug options I loved!

See all 47 colorful rugs I love here!

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest to get all the good sources I pin on a weekly basis. I’m making my Pinterest account a good resource for sourcing items in your home!

I have boards like:

Lighting I Love

Pinterest Gold Lighting Ideas

Door Hardware Upgrades

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Art I Love

Pinterest watercolor art ideas

And real-time inspiration and options for client designs too! Like this one for a Mid-Century Modern inspired Half-Bath Remodel.

Pinterest MCM Half-Bath Ideas

Follow me here!

Eventually this colorful rug and our sectional couch will move to the basement once it’s finally finished. I want our basement to be the ultimate hangout spot, so I’m planning to install a super cushy, soft carpet down there.

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