Boob Light Replacement Ideas – Semi-Flush & Flush-Mount Options

Today I’m sharing ideas for a boob light replacement. You know which lights I’m talking about. Once you see the boob, you can never unsee it! These cheap, builder-basic lights are easy to swap and make a big statement in your home. Even small lights can be stunning. Check out these ideas for a boob light replacement below.

When I shared these on my instagram, a friend said “You’re out here doing the Lord’s work.” It cracked me up.

These lights are from a design project I put together for an eat-in kitchen area. We needed something low profile, but still beautiful to go with the elevated look we wanted. Lots of natural textures, golds, and blacks.

Semi-flush mount lights are designed to hang lower than the ceiling, whereas flush-mount lights sit right up against the ceiling. I included a mix of both here depending on where you need it.

Tips For Choosing The Right Fixture

For light fixtures, think about what finishes you like best and already have in your home. Brass/gold tend to warm up a space. Fabric shades can add a bit of warm texture, while also providing a netural color if there’s already lots of color in the room.

If you want the light to blend in the background more, consider a clear glass light. Milk glass or shaded lights are better for diffused lighting – it won’t be shining directly into your face. It feels a little softer!

Small lights are best for small spaces – like hallways, closets, or rooms with low ceilings. Save the statement lights for places like your dining room, living room, and kitchen.

Shop this post:

  1. ED Jane 3 Light Semi-Flush
  2. Hudson Valley Lighting 9823-AGB Julien 3-Light LED Semi Flush
  3. Meta
  4. l 3-Arm Flush Mount Ceiling Light Brass
  5. Champignon 5-Light Flushmount (24″)
  6. Conical 16″ Drum Semi-Flush Mount
  7. Altona Barebulb Semi-Flush Mount, Wood & Brass
  8. Gold Wave Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
  9. Maddox Black Flush Mount Light
  10. Altona Barebulb Semi-Flush Mount, Gold
  11. Crawford 14″” Flush Mount, Aged Brass
  12. Young House Love Rough Edge Metal Ceiling Light
  13. Tiered Drum Semi-Flush Mount Fixture
  14. Seafarer Ribbed Glass Ceiling Light
  15. Soft Ceramic Ceiling Light

Swapping light fixtures is one of the easiest upgrades you can make in your home. There are lots of affordable, stylish light fixtures on the market right now. If you’re not sure how to install a new light fixture, watch a few youtube videos to be sure. It’s very beginner-friendly project that anyone can do.

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