Need ideas to fill a blank wall starring you down? Here are FIVE ways you could style it!

I hope these ideas inspire you to fill your home with beautiful pieces, on a budget that works for you.

Idea 1 – Place a Bench & Hang Large Scale Art

Benches are great for hallways and open walls because they have a small footprint and a big impact. For a wide hallway or an open wall, a chunky bench like this is a great option.

For small spaces, use an extra-skinny bench. Like a weathered board bench like this. Fold a plaid or wool blanket over one end, and add some art above it. This bench is less for sitting, and more for your beautiful eyes to look at every day. Totally worth it.

Design Rule: Leave at least 36 inches of walkable space around furniture. Anything less becomes a tripping hazard.

There are lots of great handmade benches on Etsy, like this one above, and it could be an easy DIY too (adding that project to my list now!). Some benches have armrests, and some are open like this one below. Open benches like this save space. Benches with armrests have more visual weight and can make more of a statement.

Ground the space with some art above the bench, like a gallery wall or large statement piece. Or add a mirror to help a small space feel bigger.

For an extra layer of lighting, I’d recommend wall sconces or additional ceiling lighting, like flush-mount lights or pendant lights. Skip the floor lamps for this design, because those make more sense in bedroom or living space. Of all the ideas to fill a blank wall, this one is easy to implement.

Idea 2 – Add Extra Seating

For a larger space, consider adding seating. I LOVE creating sitting spaces because it’s something that feels extra luxurious and special. Anything to facilitate conversation and connection with others. Or to sit and read a book on my own. I’m all in on that idea. Always.

The key to implementing this design is layout. Make sure you have at least 36 inches of walkable space around the chairs. Good places for a design like this are a foyer, an open wall, a landing space, an area off a main living space, or a breakfast nook. Find an area with unused, extra floor space. Anywhere you’d enjoy sitting in and enjoying conversation. A design like this instantly adds functionality. Use funky chairs for a statement that is inviting and beautiful too.

Idea 3 – Style A Console Table

Plants, art, and lamps make great accent pieces. A console table gives you a surface for decor items like these!

This is another small-footprint option that works well in high traffic, small areas like hallways or entryways. I put together two different design styles to give you an idea of how to assemble something like this.

The first design is more of a transitional, traditional style. Very neutral with lots of texture and pattern. A large faux tree (or a real one, if you have good lighting!) will help fill up the space and give it some fresh life.

By the way, that 6ft faux olive tree is only $110!

This one has a modern flare. A richer wood, with black and gold accents, and a colorful art duo. I love the two textured ottomans that fit underneath.

You can pull these out for extra seating when you have guests over. If you need more storage, another option is to use a closed cabinet like this. Toss in board games, kid’s craft supplies, or even extra dishes in there. So handy, and so beautiful.

Idea 4 – Try A Desk, if It Makes Sense

Design Rule: Functionality comes first. Design comes second.

The last few years have definitely shaped how we to choose to work and live our lives. Like most people in 2020, my husband worked from home for several months after the world shut down due to COVID. Fast-forward to now, and it’s become more of the norm for him to work at home.

Now that I’m working from home too, having a designated desk space is a must.

A little writing desk like this is such a great option for a blank wall. Even if you already have a home office setup, an extra workspace can be a great spot to keep life organized. Sort through all your mail and bills, keep track of your calendar. Make this a landing space for all the important papers in your home.

Idea 5 – Create A Statement Art Wall

Big blank wall, but no floor space? Use art instead of furniture. The last of the ideas to fill a blank wall is one of my favorites! Picture grids like this are an amazing way to fill up space on a wall. Add personalized pictures from your travels, family, friends, or important life moments. The more you can weave in stories and memories, the better. It adds character and interest to your home. It makes it feel more like you. People will sense that when they are in your space.

I love vintage print options like NorthPrints. They put together vintage gallery prints and made it easy to download and print them for your home. They include frame sizing suggestions and gallery wall layout ideas that are seriously so helpful.

Design Rule: Incorporate personal touches in your art and decor.

Another option I just discovered is free public domain vintage art. Yes, free! This is my absolute favorite way to add art to your home. I learned this from Kadie from @ahomeisannounced on Instagram, and I found her Public Domain Print Shop. I cannot stop telling everyone I know about it. I’ve also found amazing vintage prints at second-hand shops and antique stores. Look for design books, magazines, or botanical books. You can cut out pages to frame.

If you have room, you could add a tall floor plant and a single chair or stool to the sides of the art too. Definitely not necessary, but it would add an extra layer to the space.

Design Rules To Consider Before Styling A Blank Wall

These rules of thumb will guide you to implement good design in your home. Consider them as you figure out the best decor and furniture options for your blank wall.

  1. You need to have at least 36 inches of walkable space around any furniture you put in a hallway.
  2. For a larger space, consider adding some seating.
  3. Plants, art, and lamps are great accent pieces.
  4. Functionality comes first. Design comes second.
  5. Incorporate personal touches in your art and decor.

Which idea is best for MY home?

Remember, your home’s first need is functionality. Consider how you need your home to function, and try to provide something that will meet that need. Do you need a place to pack a bag before leaving the house, or to tie your shoes or check your hair? Are you squeezed for extra storage? Do you need some more fun in your home, through art or decor statements?

The best option for your home depends on the size of the wall, and where it’s located.

Which option do you like best?! I hope this was helpful for you in your own home. I’ve added all the links from these designs below to make it easy to find what you need.

1. Bench

2. Seating

3. Console Table Option 1

4. Console Table Option 2

5. Desk

6. Art Moment

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