26 Modern Puzzles To Try This Year

It’s Puzzle Season in our house. I don’t know how it happened but I found 26 of them in my Amazon cart over the weekend. A friend once told me I have good taste in puzzles, and I buy 1-2 new puzzles around Christmas each year. I always search for ones that are modern and aesthetically pleasing! I discovered the brand Galison last year after buying two of their 1,000 piece puzzles. They’re such high quality, and I love the colorful, modern puzzles they offer.

The designs are charming and I don’t mind them being out on our dining table.

I saved everything in my Amazon cart to share with you here, in case you’re looking for a good puzzle this season! Or three, or four puzzles. I swear, I tried to slim this list down! Scroll down to find one you like. (Best part: These ones are all reasonably priced too!)

Holiday Puzzles

Get into the holiday spirit with twinkly city lights and Fall leaves. These wintery, modern puzzles pair well with tea (or a hot toddy) and a lit fireplace.

1. Christmas Square – 1000 Piece
2. Autumn in the Neighborhood – 1000 Piece
3. Sparkling City – 1000 Piece
4. Nutcracker Magic – 500 Piece
5. Parkside View – 1000 Piece
6. Yuletide Village – 500 Piece
7. Fireside Friends – 1000 Piece
8. 12 Days of Christmas – Twelve 80 piece puzzles!
9. Halloween Parade Fall 1000 Piece

Home Puzzles

Transport yourself into a country cottage or beachside manor. I especially love puzzles of homes and gardens. These hit the spot.

1. Beside The Sea – 500 Piece
2. Garden Path – 500 Piece
3. Greenhouse Gardens 500 Piece
4. Lighting 101: Houseplants – 500 Piece
5. Painted Hills 500 Piece
6. French Riviera – 1000 Piece

City Puzzles

The hustle and bustle of city life, including plant shops and flower booths.

1. Stitch by Stitch – 1000 Piece
2. Spring Street – 1000 Piece
3. Book Haven Puzzle – 1000 Pieces
4. Flower Market – 1000 Piece
5. Plant Cafe – 1000 Piece
6. Serenity Meow – 1000 Piece

Mystery Puzzles

Add a bit of surprise with a mystery puzzle. If you enjoy not knowing what the final puzzle image will be, these are perfect for you. The second puzzle from The Magic Puzzle Company is has a mystery to solve along the way!

Surprise Puzzle – 1000 piece
Mystic Maze Puzzle – 1000 Piece

Food Puzzles

The extra challenge with these is hunger. Snacks may be required.

Coffeeology Puzzle – 500 Piece
Tea Time – 1000 Piece
The Art of Pasta – 1000 Piece

Modern Puzzles Accessories

We had a dedicated puzzle table at my house growing up. We’d steal cookie sheets from the kitchen to sort the pieces by pattern and color too. Now you can find cool accessories like these!

Now the challenge is how to choose just one puzzle. I may need a puzzle subscription because I love them all.

These would make a great gift or holiday activity for your family!

Happy Puzzling.

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