21 Colorful Table Lamps That Aren’t Boring

Never use a boring lamp in your house again. Why not make your lighting fun?! Today I’m rounding up 21 of my favorite unique, colorful table lamps that are sure to brighten up your home and make you smile.

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One of my favorite techniques to adding color in my home is through unexpected items. I find that table lamps are easy to skimp on because they get expensive easily and because I never know where to buy them from.

Well, I spent some time looking around for a colorful table lamp for a client’s bedroom design recently, and was inspired to create a full round-up for what I discovered. These were all caught my eye for how different they were in style and color.

They would be a fun, easy way to add color, texture, and visual interest to a room design. All from $15-$260.

Colorful Table Lamps Links

First up, a few on the sophisticated side.

Next, greens and blue tones.

Next, the warm Pinks, Golds, Oranges, and Reds

Lastly, interesting glass and neutrals.

I hope these inspire your home. I love neutral lighting in the right setting, but colorful table lamps like these just add an extra layer of fun to a space.

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