20 Budget-Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas 2023

Don’t tell Christmas or my birthday but Halloween has moved up the ranks into my favorite holiday of the year. We’ve heard rumors that our new street gets really into Halloween decor and I am SO here for it. Today I’m rounding up Halloween Decor Ideas for 2023!

Last year I shared Halloween Decor I found from Amazon. This year I’m sharing a few more budget-friendly ideas to get into the Spooky spirit.

All sense of reason leaves my brain when it comes to Halloween Decor. I try to share items that will make your home look elevated and beautiful.

For Halloween, I’m all about the spooky and making your house fun for a few weeks. Because why not!

My Holiday Decor Buying Philosophy

You don’t need a ton of Holiday decor, despite what Pinterest or Instagram might make you feel.

I used to set aside $100 around each year for holiday decor. I use this to build my decor collection year over year. Since my style is very different than it was 10 years ago, this budget helps me replace and invest in decor pieces that I love today.

Lately, I buy a few quality decor pieces each season. Ones that I can use again and again.

I also don’t put out ALL my decor every year. I rotate what I use each year to keep it different. Some years holiday decor feels like clutter, so I keep it simple. Other years I want to go all out so I use lots of it. It just depends on the season of life I’m in.

For Fall decor, I keep it really minimal! I add a few pumpkins or fall stems scattered around the house. Then I sprinkle in Halloween decor for a few weeks too.

Getting Spooky With It

I know decorating for Halloween isn’t every one’s thing. But it’s one of our favorite holidays. We love to make our house on-theme, in a very minimalistic way. Here are a halloween decor ideas I saw at Target and on Amazon that I would totally buy for my own house.

Candles & Candle Holders

Let me tell you, those snake and spider candle holders kind of freaked my kids and I out when we saw it in the store. They’re LEGIT!

Halloween Pillows

I saw these pillows in person at Target, and the quality really surprised me! These didn’t feel or look cheap. I love the subtly of a few of the options.

Kitchen Halloween Items

Good for parties or just having around the house for a few weeks.

More Halloween Decor

I’ve been slowly introducing my kids into some staple halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. I loved these amazon items that could easily lay around the house, on a front porch, on top of a stack of books, or in a kid’s room.

Halloween Decor Ideas Links

  1. Orange Boo Pillow – $20
  2. Fabric Hanging Ghost – $15
  3. Faux Crows – $25
  4. Mummy Door Wreath – $26
  5. Skeleton Cauldron Candle – $23
  6. Hocus Pocus Book of Spells – $30
  7. Gold Snake Candle Holder – $10
  8. Skeleton Trinket Dish – Black or White – $12
  9. 12 Assorted Velvet Pumpkins – $13
  10. Stuffed Spider – Black or White – $43
  11. Boo Serving Dish – $20
  12. Pumpkin Waffle Maker – 20 styles/colors – $10
  13. Kitchen Towels – 11 Designs – $15
  14. Black Spider Candle Holder – $20
  15. Cast Iron Key Set – 3 Styles – $12
  16. Wool Witch Hat 8 Colors – $17
  17. Black Skull Candle – $20
  18. Cream Botanical Halloween Pillow – $20
  19. Striped Halloween Pillow – $20
  20. Black Glass Pumpkin – $20

Looking for Fall Decor instead? Read this post next!

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