Congrats! You won the design giveaway!!

Let’s talk details.

Here’s what your giveaway includes:

  • 1 Customized Mood Board designed by me in a style of your choice.
  • 6-8 recommendations for furniture and decor.
  • Links to everything in your mood board.
  • 1 layout recommendation.
  • Design solutions for any issues you have with your space.

I cannot wait to design your room! Please complete the questionnaire below so I can get to know your project. Once you’ve finished, please send photos of the room so that I can give you the best recommendations.

Don’t forget to send photos of your room to or text me at 309-258-3555!

Photo Example

Photo tips: Stand as far back as you can to get a super wide view. I need to see every wall and every angle in the room! Try to include any light fixtures, flooring, doorways, hallways, and everything else in the room. I want to see it all!